Our Products

Intelligent Facility Management System

Manageable, Customizable, Monitoring system for the Digital Buildings and the Facility Automation with Smart Technology

Intelligent Fiber Line Management System

Intelligent, Powerful System for Managing and Monitoring Nationwide Fiber-optic Communication with very friendly User Interface.

Human Resources Management System

HRMS is a system which is implemented for small, medium companies to manage the employees, attendances, leaves, overtime, payroll with mobile application based, fingerprint devices based data getting system. It is more suitable for the offices which want to implement the paper less office with effective workflow.

Vehicles Tracking System (VTS)

Tracking the real-time information of vehicles and other things with GIS map in Web and Mobile Devices.

Solar Power Monitoring System

iSGM Solar Power Monitoring System is designed for the solar plants and factories who are using solar panel for energy saving. By installation our software, the organization is easy to track and monitor the daily solar power usage, how much CO2 was saved are show in the signage board.