Building Automation System

“Building automation is an easy and efficient way to monitor, troubleshoot and control a building’s HVAC, lighting and many other systems through modern technology”
  • HVAC Systems
  • Security systems
  • Lighting Controls
  • Access Control Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Communication
  • Environment

Building Automation System At Current Office

Let’s create an excellent, reliable, comfortable and energy saving environment using Building Automation Solution.

Cloud Supported Building Automation and Management System

1. Real Time Monitoring of Building Components Such as Air-conditioning, HVAC, Lighting and Power Usage

Collect and monitor real-time values of the building from multiple sensor points and use the collected data for better energy conservation.
BA 3.1

2. Automatic, manual, conditional and scheduled control of building components

Devices such as chillers, air-con- ditioners, and light controllers can be controlled automatically by the system or start sequence processings according to config- urable schedules or users can manually control the devices according to their wills.

3. Management of power supply resources such as utility grid, solar panels and power con- sumption

Monitor and manage current power consumption, production and net power consumption of the building.

4. Automatic device discovery thus supporting ease of new devices integration

Plug in the new devices that use the same protocol as the system and the system will automatically discover and configure it.

5. Concurrent management of multiple buildings is supported in cloud service

Have multiple buildings in an area? Manage them all at the same time using the system’s cloud integrations and services.

Advantages of Building Automation System