HR Software & Features

Fingerprint Attendance

Office of the office staff, Overtime, Late, Leave, Absent attendance data can quickly calculate the fingerprint system.

RFID Attendance

The incoming and outgoing employees' work hours marked by the card system.


Important information notified in order to notice a static system.

Backup and Restore

Data loss in any given store Backup can easily Drop Restore.

Branch Management

Details of all employees, offices Attendance apart systematic management control headquarters salary systems.

HR Management

Employee's personal information, Education records, Contract, Position / Off, Department responsibilities change, etc. archived.

Salary Management

Employees per capita monthly Basic Salary, Bonus, Find, Loan & Advanced, Allowance & Deduction, Saving to manage the details.


Location Identifying and accessing Server Client.

Payment Calculate

Staff of the individual companies in a variety of other basic rights, calculated according to specified terms.


To use the English language.

User Management

User Level to set the controls to identify.

Customization Report & Payslip

Attendance, Payroll, HR Report about unable to Customize. Payslip design customized.